Case of the new genetic analysis laboratory "Genetico"

Центр генетики и репродуктивной медицины «Генетико»

How to increase return on investment by 475% and reduce the CPC by 2 times in 3 months
Case of the new genetic analysis laboratory "Genetico"

Our work has begun with an audit of the current situation:
1) Ways to optimize existing placements were identified.
2) The correctness of call-tracking settings and analytics systems is provided.

After that, we started working on improving the quality of advertising placements.

To optimize advertising campaigns, we introduced a reporting form, in which we uploaded data on the sales funnel from the transition to the site to the application daily and weekly. It helps to rely on indicators which are really correlated with business goals in the process of conducting an advertising campaign.

It must be specially noted that the launch of contextual advertising for medicine is always a balance between strict requirements of the law and the need to reflect the essence of the service or product in the text of the ads. Although our product belongs to the “services of scientific organizations”, platform moderators do not always consider it that way.

There are a number of words that are forbidden to be included in the ad and the semantic core, for example, the word “diagnostics”.

Moderation is long and not always successful process. Even fulfilling all the requirements of the sites, it is not always possible to complete the moderation completely. Moderation checks everything: from headings and clarifications, to semantics and landing page.

Preparing texts for an advertising campaign, the goal is to capture the essence of the product without using forbidden words. For example, we replaced the word «Diagnostics» with the word “Check”. An example on the screenshot of an ad.

In February 2019, Yandex allowed retargeting in the medical field and we used this opportunity to hypersegmentation and personalization of the appeal by:
1) The period of visiting the site
2) Visiting various sections of the site
3) The source of traffic, depth of visit and time on the site
4) Target and near target geolocations

Conducting A / B tests weekly and working with the semantic core and ads, as well as optimizing the landing page, we improved the return on contextual placements.

During the period from May 2019 to July 2019, we were able to reduce the cost of appeal by 51%, increase the number of calls by 38%, and increase conversion by 20%, which allowed us to maintain a stable increase the ROI.
The results are presented in graphs.

Graph 1
ROI 08.2018 - 07.2019


Graph 2

Graph 3

Ru version

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